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The Second Most Favorite Thing

The Second Most Favorite Thing
genre: romance
wc: 1k+
Summary: Also known as that boring nc17 sequel to Fara’s birthday ni!au

(don't judge. i'm noob. you have read and written better shit than this. consider yourself warned. lol.)

The slow rise to his own climax was as frustrating as it was sublime for Baekhyun. His mind was caught up with the feel of Chanyeol’s thickness inside him and his eyes were suddenly full with the face of his giant. Chanyeol was looking at him and Baekhyun was suddenly conscious of how his face contorts into different expressions with every thrust he meets. Chanyeol sees this and he lowers himself more.

The steady rhythm that they’ve built up slows down, and Baekhyun’s whine of protest was muffled by Chanyeol’s lips on his. He feels the giant’s fingertips on his arms, making their way down while leaving goosebumps on their wake, until his fingers were in between the giant’s own. Both his hands were lifted and made parallel to his face.

"Stop hiding yourself from me, Baek." Chanyeol’s voice was much lower than his usual one. "I want to see all of you."

Chanyeol punctuates his need with a soft kiss and a hard push on Baekhyun’s spot. The little brunet lost his sanity with his giant filling every bit of his senses. Each thrust brings the smaller male to a new high, soaring higher and higher, and the need to ground himself back to earth gets stronger, only to make the moment last longer.

He grips tighter to their entwined hands and the nearing peak is palpable to both males.

Chanyeol’s house is pretty big. Big enough that some rooms are somewhat soundproof from the inside wherein faint sounds could only be heard. However, it was out of the lovers’s minds how the feeble sound on the front door opening was immediately heard.

"Chanyeol. Ah - f - ahh! Stop." Contrary to his husband’s wishes, Chanyeol didn’t stop but initiated a faster pace. "That could be Sehun. He might - ah - hear…"

"Let him."

If it was any other group sex that the little vixen had been involved in, it wouldn’t have mattered. But this is an entirely different occasion. Baekhyun have made friends in this house and he didn’t want any kind of change with his relationship to these people. He knows how loud he can get, but Chanyeol was holding both his hands, therefore he couldn’t cover his mouth or reach for a pillow to muffle his screams. He then resorted to biting his lips.

His senses were heightened. Soft pads of footsteps reached Baekhyun's ears and he had half a mind pushing the giant off him but the other half didn't ever want to stop. The sound was getting closer as the smaller male grips harder on his giant's hand. Thoughts of asking the incoming person to go away and pleas to his giant to go faster are in disarray. He opts to voice out neither and just let the little sounds of pleasure to seep through his enclosed mouth.

Chanyeol’s eyes never left his husband’s face, looking into the transformation he himself had caused. Baekhyun’s calm smiling face is beautiful, so is his sassy face, but discovering this face of his little husband makes him wanting to see it, cause it more and more. Baekhyun looked divine, shaped hips moving in time with his, slim body twisting and turning, the dip of his neck with the red spots he made, and his beautiful face looking thoroughly fucked.

But his eyes will always deviate to his vixen’s sultry lips. If the giant had known how full and soft it feels, he would’ve taken it sooner, devoured it and made his mark on it. And right now, his little husband was clamping them shut, hiding most of it from Chanyeol’s view. Chanyeol didn’t like it at all.

"Baek." Chanyeol waits until Baekhyun was able to open both his eyes, which seemed a hard work from the brunet. "Tell me what you want."

Stupid giant.
Baekhyun was about to throw a snarky remark but oh fuck! Chanyeol was very distracting. “This. Ah! Harder! Faster!”

Chanyeol moves his hands to his neck encircling them at his nape, and he then lifts Baekhyun from his shoulders. When what the giant wanted had become apparent to Baekhyun, it left him breathless and wanting for moremoremore.

The retreating steps goes unnticed.

Their new position brought Baekhyun straddling Chanyeol and deeper into him. He couldn’t suppress his voice any longer as Chanyeol was driving into him faster and everything he could think of, feel, and know is ChanyeolChanyeolChany-fuck!

The giant had given the control to his husband the moment he positioned them vertically. He let him use his shoulders as pillars to hold onto and get his bearings, he holds the brunet by the hips and continues to dig into him deeper and deeper, leaving hot kisses on those milky soft skin. When Baekhyun had found his perfect angle, Chanyeol went faster. His husband’s voice rings through his head and it did wonderful things to his insides. He had heard his name, from different people, in different occasions, and he heard it from Baekhyun as well. But the way his husband is enunciating it right now was a little close to a cry of worship. If Chanyeol didn’t know better, he’d say it was almost as if Baekhyun was confessing his l-

“Touch me.” The sudden command from Baekhyun brings him back from his high. He thrusts a few more, brings Baekhyun closer to his edge before going with the command.

Chanyeol lays them back again, not once breaking their steady rhythm. When Chanyeol proved to be slower than a slug, Baekhyun decided to take things by his own hand. But before the brunet can lay a finger on his stiff manhood, Chanyeol grabs him by the wrist and leads them to his neck once again.

“Open your eyes.” It was the last thing that Baekhyun perceived before Chanyeol’s warm hand was all over him. As if feeling wasn’t enough, the mere sight of his giant holding him shattered any kind of sanity he had left. One swipe down his manhood had got Baekhyun into a different kind of frenzy. It was mind blowing and it was as if his whole being was centered into his husband’s touch. The look on Chanyeol’s face was of complete lust and lined with adoration for him, only for him.

Chanyeol minded his husband’s needs, touching and stroking in time with his thrusts. He wants this to be as perfect for his husband as it is to him. Baekhyun’s reactions make him understand that the little brunet was enjoying it. The shorter male’s legs were suddenly hugging his hips, heels digging on his back, urging him deeper and faster. Chanyeol answers with everything he’s got, giving and giving.

He feels Baekhyun’s fingers marking his shoulders, dragging and piercing his skin. The legs wrapped around him started to shake a little, and one look on his husband’s beautiful face tells Chanyeol that the other was so close.

It took only a second for their eyes to meet, Baekyun’s need and the reassurance of Chanyeol ever ready to fill his every need was conveyed.

Completely enraptured by his husband, Chanyeol took his husband, hugging him closer, and his mouth once again. In time to swallow Baekhyun’s cry as he reached his peak with his fingernails dragging down the arch of Chanyeol’s back. It sent shivers to Chanyeol, and combined with the feel of Baekhyun’s release, Chanyeol too reached his peak, filling his husband to the brim.

Bodies filled with sweat and their releases, both males took time to catch their breaths.

Chanyeol slowly eased out off of Baekhyun. The smaller male suddenly felt empty without his husband on his skin. The past hour had nothing but Chanyeol’s hands all over him, Chanyeol’s kisses, Chanyeol’s voice, and Chanyeol in him. Chanyeol with Baekhyun. But he is now faced with their post sex awkwardness, at least for him.

Chanyeol looked totally fine strutting his naked butt, but Baekhyun couldn’t take it against the giant as they were in his room. The brunet on the other hand, left on the bed without anything on, scanned the big room for his clothes, planning his escape route.

He was reaching down for his printed boxers when a large hand was suddenly on his left hip.

“What are you doing?” Wasn’t Chanyeol’s voice not supposed to bring him chills now that they’re done with their bedroom activity?

“Getting dressed. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“You’re supposed to lie in bed and wait for me to return.”

"Am I in anyway disabled? I think I can move fairly well without you Park."

It was a mistake but Baekhyun spun around only to face Chanyeol’s glorious after sex look. His once perfectly styled hair is now in disarray, tufts of it were pulled into different angles. Red scratch marks adorns his chiseled torso and Baekhyun realizes that this was the result of his own fingernails.

Chanyeol would put any god in shame.

The taller made no response but his piercing eyes was enough to silence the brunet. Slowly, Baekhyun was made to take steps back until the back of his thighs hit the king sized bed. He stumbles and falls on his behind on top of the bed, but it was not enough as Chanyeol leans in, trapping the little male in between his legs. Baekhyun moved further into the center of the bed, only to forestall any plans of the giant.

When Chanyeol had Baekhyun where he wanted him, he unrolled the tissue he had on his other hand. Gently, he wipes the stains left on his husband’s body.

"I can do it Chanyeol. You don’t need to…"

The brunet’s protest was cut short when Chanyeol pinched his pretty lips with his fingers. The feel of them between his fingers and on his lips were a little different. He’d have to say that Baekhyun’s lips on his is still his favorite. So he does.

Freeing his husband’s lips from his fingers, he then replaced them with his own lips. God damn it! He wouldn’t be able to get enough of this any time soon. In fact, Chanyeol thinks that Baekhyun’s lips is his second favorite thing now.

When he was done cleaning his little husband, Chanyeol made sure that the other male would have no chance to move from the bed.

"We’re tired Baek. Sleep here." Chanyeol was laready hugging Baekhyun from behind. His hot breath on the brunet’s nape lulls him even further to closing his heavy eyes. Baekhyun hums in reply and closes his eyes.

Moments have passed and silence have engulfed both of them but neither had fallen asleep. Baekhyun moves slowly, turning to face his husband, thinking that the other had fallen asleep. To his surprise, the giant welcomes him with his stare.

"What? Stop looking at me like I have the sun shining out of my ass."

Chanyeol heaves a sigh at his husband’s smart mouth. “Tell me your dream honeymoon, Baek.”

Baekhyun answers with a scoff, “I think we are so past that giant. Besides, honeymoons are for married couple who are in lo-“

One of the many things that Chanyeol learned about his husband tonight was that the most effective way to shut him up was to keep his pretty mouth occupied, preferably with his own. So with the technique he had done earlier and a little modification to it, Chanyeol pinches Baekhyun’s lips and kisses them still in between his hold. It was seconds before the taller released the other’s lips from his pinch but he made no move to stop kissing him.

Before Chanyeol could forget his question, he reluctantly pulled from their kiss. "I asked a question Baek."

The smaller male had his head tucked under Chanyeol's chin right after they broke the kiss. He was breathless and he was really curious as to how Chanyeol's simple kiss could affect him this way. He remembers the question and the moment the giant asked it, Baekhyun had already the picture in his head.

He tells the giant of some place far from where they are right now but still reminds him of home. This home. So he describes a quiet place surrounded by a body of water, a place with the bright shining sun but the winds bring a comforting cool. And of course the mind blowing sex.

He, however, leaves out the part where he pictured a certain tall guy lying beside him in bed, embracing him to sleep...

>Merry Christmas Faraaaa. Idk how you write a 31k one shot in less than a week! And yknow I’m proud of you the same time I lovehate you. Half the time I think I do nothing, like I just read stuff over for you, but then you go say your thanks and tell me that I was a big help and I seriously don't know how that happened! All I know is I'm here to appreciate you and what you do. Also to knock you in the head when you're about to commit mass murder with your writings (which I clearly have no control over since I think is your life's mission). I’d give you gifts but youre there and I’m here so I hope this will do for now ^o^ I’d try to show my love better when you’re here na. I know I said don't judge but yeah I want to know what you think. HAHA. And do remember that I'm not just here as your beta, I'm also here as your ate //HUUUUUUGS YOU EVEN IF YOU DONT WANNAAAAAAA//
>thank you to my buddy jeng for reading this through! told you I've only added 5 sentences :))))
>and if you're still here reading this, WHY? Haha. Thank you for your time and let me just say that this is a first. I BLAME FARA FOR EVERYTHING. HAHAHA.

Tags: genre: romance, odg what have i done, pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol, rating: nc-17
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